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4 ways to speed up timecard approvals

swipeclock-partner-speed-timesheet-approvalsTime card approvals can overwhelm managers who do it the old school way. Totaling hours by hand on paper timesheets is a waste of time for employees. Would you like to speed up time card approvals so they take just a couple minutes a week for your managers? How about completely eliminating time card tallying on your employees’ part!

Sound good? Follow these steps:

1. Automate Employee Timekeeping

First, upgrade your time card system to TimeWorksPlus. Link it with a biometric time clock. If you are tracking employee time with an automated system, you are wasting a lot of time.

TimeWorksPlus creates digital time cards which replace paper time cards. Digital time cards remove the hassle of paper time card approvals. No more missed punches and sloppy writing. No more errors in arithmetic. These take time for supervisors to correct. Increased accuracy speeds up time card approvals.

2. Automate Mobile Time and Attendance

TimeWorks Mobile is the TimeWorksPlus mobile app. All you need is a web browser and mobile device to punch in and out. Your supervisors can check time cards on their cell phone or tablet. Time cards for your offsite team members will be as accurate as those for your onsite workforce. If you have telecommuters, mobile employees, or techs that make service calls, TimeWorks Mobile is a must.

3. Use TimeWorksPlus Schedule Enforcement

Schedule enforcement ensures that team members are clocking in and out when authorized. Out-of-schedule punches slow down time card approvals. When a payroll manager encounters a paper time card with out-of-schedule punches, they have to stop and research. Was this confirmed by a manager? Or was it simply a mistake? Customize your workforce management software with schedule rules. By omitting out-of-schedule punches, you will remove another barrier to no-hassle timesheet approvals. It will also streamline predictive scheduling compliance.

4. PTO Tracking and Overtime

Tracking Paid Time Off (PTO) precisely is critical. Staff members who receive PTO must be able to monitor their accruals. Mistakes can cause employers to violate labor provisions. They also cost money and hamper the time card approval process.

When a team member moves into overtime, TimeWorksPlus tracks it. The employee doesn’t need to add straight time and overtime on a paper timesheet. A supervisor won’t need to double-check or correct the calculation.Schedule A Demo

Posted Date: 2019-05-08

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