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Bringing back some of your employees

corona-4With many places moving toward the end of the stay-at-home recommendations and businesses looking to open back up, having a strategy for bringing employees back will help.  We have come up with a few topics that you may come across when bringing back employees. 

Another question that has come up:

We are reopening after business closure due to COVID-19. Can we bring some employees back, but not others?

Yes. If you are recalling some positions, but not others, you should document the business reasons why only those positions were recalled. If you are recalling some employees in a certain position, but not everyone in that position, you should document the objective, job-related criteria you used to decide which employees to bring back. Seniority or previous job performance, for example, would be acceptable criteria and relatively easy to defend if you are ever challenged. 


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Posted Date: 2020-04-27

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