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Employees signing the handbook

You take the time to create an employee handbook.  Then you review it with your new hire, and ask them to sign it and they refuse to sign it.  What do you do? 

penFirst things first, talk to them about why they don’t want to sign the handbook. There may be an easily resolved misunderstanding about what their signature on this document means.

If that conversation doesn’t solve the problem, and you still want them to work for you, make it clear that failure to sign the handbook does not mean they’re exempt from the policies, procedures, or expectations it describes. They will be expected to follow the same rules and will be held to the same standards as their co-workers, regardless of whether they signed the acknowledgement.

If they still refuse to sign—even after understanding that their lack of signature doesn’t get them out of following your policies—you’ll want to document that in some fashion. For instance, ask them to write, “I refuse to sign” on the acknowledgement form and make your own note that you communicated that their refusal to sign didn’t mean they were exempt from your policies. If possible, call in another manager to serve as a witness to this conversation, and have them document what happened as well.


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Posted Date: 2020-10-09

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