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How to Build Great Company Culture: A 4 Step Guide


      Retaining good employees can seem like a daunting task, but any successful entrepreneur can tell you   that it is not when your company has good culture. Great pay is simply not enough. If you want to keep good employees, you must have them working for a company of which they desire to be a part of. Good company culture, however, does not magically make itself. You must form it. Here are 4 crucial steps to creating and implementing great culture that will, in turn, grow your business.

 1.) Establish Good Purpose:

          You know that you want to improve your company culture, but you ask yourself, where do I begin?     Well, just as every great story has a solid theme, every great company must have one too. To establish your theme/purpose, you must ask yourself these important questions:

What are my company’s goals?
What do we believe in?
What is our main purpose for operation/ Why do we exist? 
How do we desire our customers to see us?

     It is important to know who you are and what you stand behind so that your employees can stand behind it too. A good business theme should be reflected by every single member of your firm, top to bottom. Once you have a set purpose, you can then train employees more efficiently. When your employee knows your company’s goals, theme, and purpose, it inspires them to feel a part of its bigger picture, no matter their role. Feeling apart of a bigger picture is what inspires people to perform their   best. It inspires them because it becomes not only a job to them, but a direct reflection of what they are   contributing for the good of something.


 2.) Allow Freedom and Trust:

     Once your employees have a purpose, you must establish the second, most essential element of good   company culture… trust. Trust goes hand and hand with freedom. If you train your employees efficiently   in the things that you believe from the start, then you should have no problem with letting them freely   create and perform for you. A negative company culture embodies a lack of trust. Lack of trust can look   like this:

                                                    Hovering over employee progress
                                                    Demanding unrealistic deadlines
                                                    Taking over employee projects

All of these things keep you from building proper, trustworthy relationships with your employees.   After all, if you show that you do not trust your own employees, how are they supposed to trust you? You should give your employees the freedom they need to create and perform, and you should trust that they will complete their assigned tasks on time. Trust your employees until the trust is broken. If the trust with an employee does happen to break, establish new rules for them with reason, and continue to grow and learn together from that point on.


 3.) Encourage Friendship/Bonds

     Getting your employees to make friends among-st each other is crucial. Think of yourself way back in   high school. You may have dreaded a day full of classes, but did you have any good friends that made the task any more bearable, or possibly even worth it? The same goes for employees within your firm. When employees are able to connect with one another, it gives them something more to look forward to when coming in to work every day. Employee bonds can lead to efficient teamwork too. This may seem like an easy task, but inspiring others to connect is not always so cut and dry. Hiring employees in various departments with various interests can make connecting harder, especially for some of your introverted staff. That is where you come in to play a little bit of matchmaker. Some ideas to boost employee camaraderie include:

Introducing staff to others with fun facts
Implementing team building activities that require communication
Hosting company parties/socials
Having employees connect to one another via social platforms

        All of these things allow the employee connection process to run a little smoother. Start with these ideas,   or implement your own! Once you see your employees start to connect, you will see your company culture   boost too.


 4.) Create a Fun Atmosphere

  Atmosphere is not only the way your company acts, but how it looks, too! A dull, mundane office         setting is not the go-to style anymore. You want your employees to feel creative and inspired, not like they   are trapped in a prison. Spending thousands in interior design is not the answer either. Think of creative ways to spruce up your office, and use your resources! Some examples of office remodeling could include:

                                                 A bulletin board with inspiring quotes
                                                Framed pictures of employees around the office
                                                A coffee bar/snack area for employees to indulge
                                                A lounge room for employee breaks
                                                Light music/jukebox for employees to interact with

     If you get your employees to interact with various things inside the office, they do not feel as trapped. This   can inspire them to come in each day, and bring a positive attitude with them as well.

  Now that you have read through the four steps, you are ready to start your game plan! For further   inspiration, check out How You Can Boost Employee Morale at the balance careers website.

Posted Date: 2020-07-16

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