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Immediate Employment Termination

empty desk At times, situations occur in which you will need to immediately terminate an individual’s employment. 


Such warranted circumstances may involve an employee who:

  • Brings an unauthorized weapon to work,
  • Threatens violence or commits a violent act,
  • Views pornographic materials on work computers and on work time,
  • Steals company property, and/or
  • Commits similar offenses of a dire nature.

In response, consider the following decisive steps you can take to quickly and effectively resolve the situation:

  1. Ensure the employee is not a danger to themself or other employees. If the person appears to be an eminent danger, quickly assist other employees to safety and contact local law enforcement authorities and any security personnel.
  2. If the employee does not appear to be dangerous, notify law enforcement authorities if an illegal act has taken place.
  3. Call upon internal security personnel, if available.
  4. Arrange for the employee’s final paycheck.
  5. Secure a room for private discussion.
  6. Situate yourself closest to the door for quick access to and from the outside.
  7. Remain calm, polite, respectful, and professional.
  8. State the observed offense calmly and with a third witness attending, preferably another member of Management.
  9. Allow the employee to respond, and listen.
  10. Inform the employee that their employment is terminated.
  11. Continue to allow the employee to inquire about employment termination.
  12. Obtain the return of all company property.
  13. Permit the employee to gather personal items from their work area, if appropriate.
  14. Escort the former employee from the premises with the clear understanding that their return is viewed as trespassing.
  15. Document in detail for the record.

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Posted Date: 2019-07-01

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