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Learning in business

Is learning at work more than just seminars and training sessions? YES

All companies have a culture or certain way of doing business, learning this culture is in itself one of the biggest issues facing new employees when they accept a position and for companies when they hire new staff. The way both sides handle this culture determines if you have a long term & happy or short term & unhappy association. Remember an unhappy worker that stays can cause more turbulence than one that is short term, but both can cost a company a lot of time and money.

Owners and management teams have a heavy weight on their shoulders to make sure the employees they hire are a good fit for the company culture.
The way businesses train and promote learning has a great deal to do with employee satisfaction.
In a recent survey in the SHRM 2015 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report, employees are least satisfied with the ability to advance in their careers and learn. Only one in five employees are satisfied with job specific training.

• Albert Einstein- "Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death"

Having a good hiring manager or HR department is a smart way to make sure new workers are going to fit in to your culture and be able to learn your specific products and services and hit the ground running. Some people learn better by reading or watching while others learn better by doing.
Good managers will adjust and work with all types to make sure that learning is easy for everyone or at least available to every type of employee.

• Benjamin Franklin- "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Make sure your employees know that you want them to learn and excel. Be willing to pay for training and let them know they can possibly advance or receive a raise if they improve their skills. These things are sometimes over looked or taken for granted but employees want to hear that their efforts are appreciated and that they can do things to improve themselves.

Learning doesn't always have to mean "book learning", learning sometimes means learning to fit in with the culture and how best to work with others

Posted Date: 2019-01-31

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