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Posted: 2020-11-10

Strategic Management of Vacation Requests

You want to support employees by providing the opportunity for work/life harmony, but you also have customers to service and a business to run. Sometimes it is difficult to juggle multiple vacation requests around popular vacation times, especially during the summer months and other holiday times throughout the year. Below we have provided a few tips, suggestions and best practices to help you strike the right balance based on your organization’s typical activity model.
“Peak and Valley” Employers
– A Peak and Valley employer is one in which there are historically predictable increases and decreases in activity level throughout the year. Extreme examples include tax preparation firms, landscaping companies and the like. However, most organizations have at least some degree of historical peaks and valleys throughout the year and may benefit from the following vacation management concepts. Strategies for managing vacation requests for Peak and Valley Employers include:

Posted: 2020-11-09

Do you have to pay your staff if you close for the holidays?

When a company decides to close on Thanksgiving Day or for the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, is the employer required to compensate any of its employees? Well, that depends. 

Posted: 2020-10-19

Be mindful of age discrimination throughout COVID-19

The scenario: We recently hired an older individual whose start date is next Monday, but I would like to push back their start date because we’ve just had an employee test positive for COVID-19. Would this be allowed? We will be testing everyone in the workplace, but I know older employees may be at higher risk.

Posted: 2020-10-09

Employees signing the handbook

You take the time to create an employee handbook.  Then you review it with your new hire, and ask them to sign it and they refuse to sign it.  What do you do? 

Posted: 2020-09-30

Exit Interviews - To Do Them or Not

With the recent pandemic, more companies are seeing a higher turnover rate.  If you are seeing this in your company, have you considered holding exit interviews?  

Posted: 2020-09-18

Denying leave through FFCRA

You may have some concerns when an employee requests leave to care for a child.  What do you do if you feel the employee may be lying?  Can you deny thier request? 

Posted: 2020-09-16

Your employees has used up thier FFCRA leave, now what?

The question becomes can you terminate an employee who is unable to work because they need to care for a child but has used up thier leave under the FFCRA?  What do you do now?  

Posted: 2020-09-02

Are there situations when you can deny an FFCRA leave to an employee?

I have an employee that has requsted to use the FFCRA leave since her child's school is closed and they are learnign remotely.  The employee's child is in high school and is able to care for themselves during the day.  Can I deny the FFCRA leave to the employee? 

Posted: 2020-08-12

Can you reduce the salary of an exempt employee for a half day?

The scenario: An exempt manager is taking a half day to attend a social event.  They have already exhausted all their paid time off.  Can you reduce their salary for that half day?  

Posted: 2020-08-05

Can you as the employer require an exempt employee work weekends?

The situation: The next couple weeks are going to be busier than usual for us.  Can I require my exempt employees to work weekends?  If so, do I need to pay them for extra hours?