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Things you should know about an I-9

Form I 9Did you know your company doesn’t own the I-9s you have on file? You are just holding them for the government. That is why they can come look at them any time they would like. If they find technical errors, they will fine you. While section 1 is to be completed by the employee it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure it is done correctly and completely. On average there are 5 mistakes on every I-9. Here are some of the most common errors.

Common mistakes made by employees include:

  • Employee does not enter name, other last names used (such as maiden name), address or date of birth
  • Employee does not check one of the boxes indicating that he or she is a citizen or noncitizen national of the U.S., a lawful permanent resident, or an alien authorized to work until a specified date—or checks multiple boxes attesting to more than one of the above.
  • Employee does not check the box “I did not use a preparer or translator” (if applicable).

Common mistakes made by employers include:

  • Employer does not enter the employee’s last name, first name, middle initial and citizenship/immigration status in the “Employee Info from Section 1” area at the top of Section 2.

Section 2 of the I-9

  • Employer does not enter the document title, issuing authority, number(s) or expiration date for the documentation presented.
  • Issuing authority is entered incorrectly.
    • For example there are 4 possible issuing agencies for a social security card
    Issuing a social security card
  • Employer does not enter its business title, name or address.
  • Employer does not enter the date employment began (date of hire).
  • Employer or employer’s authorized representative does not sign, date or enter his or her title, last name, or first name in the certification.

For the full employer’s manual go to:

Posted Date: 2019-09-11

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