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Why Should You Care About EX At Your Company?

‘EX’ is popping up everywhere on Human Resources sites. It’s the abbreviation for employee experience.

feedback surveyWhat Is The Employee Experience?

The employee experience isn’t just a new name for employee engagement. There are fundamental differences. Engagement programs are designed to help employees invest in the culture of the company.

Employee experience (EX) theory takes a different approach. EX is everything an employee experiences as they interact with your company. This includes primary job duties. Plus all the administrative tasks. 

To improve EX, you start by modifying corporate culture to adapt to the way staff members are already performing their jobs.

Because the onus of change is on the organization, EX programs are more likely to create engagement.

Successful EX Increases Loyalty

Employee loyalty lowers turnover.

Long-time employees accomplish disproportionately more than newer ones.

Lower employee turnover saves money on hiring, training, and severance.  Plus, when a spot goes unfilled, you may spend money on overtime for those that fill in. 

Customer service can plummet when you’re short-staffed. 

EX Increases Productivity

Happy employees contribute more. They are creative and motivated. They are invested in the collective success of the workforce.

Large employers have been focusing on EX for several years. Smaller companies should pay attention if they want to compete.

Happy staff members improve the reputation of your company.

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Posted Date: 2019-12-30

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